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Lils perfected her craft by doing many performances,

and has always had the desire to share her knowledge,

experience and mostly her passion for singing. In 1995 Lils started giving masterclasses

and workshops, at jazz festivals and in theatres.

In these master classes Lils uses her experience to help aspiring singers further develop their voices,

to use the stage to their advantage, and above all, to emote.

The content of Lils' masterclasses vary depending on the wishes of the participants.

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Singing is no more like telling a story

Lils wonders:
How to set the song?
How to pick the key?
What's the song really about?
Where to put the emphasis?
How to have good timing?
How to use your breath in a supportive way?
How to captivate the listener?

A review

"Forget about Kate Bush, out with Imitation!"

         "Guts and sweat, with the occasional neurotic tic".

"Nervous but inspired and with a booming voice".

"Full of talent and promise".

Lady of Jazz Lils Mackintosh, at her regular masterclass, gave her participants her verdict. She took her students to greater musical heights in her most recent crash course ”How to bring more emotion more swing and depth to a song".

This time her class consisted of second and third year students from Yvon-Janes and Marcs VDA (Vocal and Dance Academy). Young twenty year olds with an ideal: to capture their audience with song and dance.

“When I saw a musical for the first time, as a young girl, I became completely absorbed in the story,” participant Kristy Handels comments. She and her co-students Nicole de Boer, Derek Brouwer and Martina Keereweer had a varied program from Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush) to Acda and De Munnik and musical classic Chicago. And even if the audience was already convinced of their abilities from the first few notes, there is always room for improvement.

During the short sessions each candidate grows. Mackintosh: “Forget Kate Bush, take off the musical straighjacket, out with imitations. Let your own sound be heard. Each voice is worth that".

As an award winning interpreter of amongst others, Billie Holiday, Lils knows better than anyone else, what she's talking about. She uses her voice to give the Billie Holiday repertoire it's own charge.

Sometimes someone will comment: ‘But that doesn't sound like Billie Holiday at all.' At which time I need to explain that cloning doesn't add anything, that copying someone else is a trick, no matter how beautiful your voice is.

She finished the masterclass with her very own shimmering rendition of Summertime.


Corrie Verkerk, Parool Theater, March 2010.

Translation by Erika Römer.