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She is a vivacious, talented singer. (...)

Lils' songs from the Great American Songbook are sometimes sad,

sometimes touching, but always with a bit of humor

and an intense feeling for life.

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Lils Mackintosh (Amsterdam, June 11, 1955) is a Dutch singer, composer, actress and writer. At seventeen she was talent-scouted by the Dutch actor Jack Monkau and traded a formal education for a career in music.

Being the daughter of two parents in the music industry, a career along that road seemed a natural step to take. Lils became a professional singer with the acceptance of a role in the musical 'Hair'. Next she played key roles in the Dutch rock opera 'Ik, Jan Cremer' and the high profile musical 'Barnum'.

Lils then decided to become more experienced as a lead singer and played in different rock and hardrock bands. She also toured on a regular basis. One of the highlights was an extended tour in Sudan, Kuwait and Egypt. This was also the period in her career where she had the honor to perform with jazz legends like Oscar Peterson and B.B. King. In 1977, Lils released her first jazz single, a cover version of the Rogers & Hart classic 'My Funny Valentine'.

Winning the 1990 'Vocalistenprijs' at the Dutch Jazzconcours in Breda lead to a significant career change. Lils then decided to specialize in jazz music. She started to perform extensively in Europe and the United States and was a regular performer at the legendary North Sea Jazz Festival.

In 1993 she released her debut album, ‘It’s not perfect to be easy’. She received recognition for this album with the nomination for an Edison Jazz Award. Two more albums were released in this period: 'This is the strangest life I've ever known' is released in 1994, followed by 'Seasons', in 1997.

Being an artist with the desire to develop and transform, Lils took a different take on her career when she formed the 'Lils Mackintosh & The Swing Cats' band in 1998. This period also marked the return to the theatre, with the 'Jazznight' theatre tour, together with the Beets Brothers, the Stylus Horns and the Rosenberg Trio.

Her fourth studio album, 'Black girl' produced by the renowned saxophone player Hans Dulfer, is a tribute to the American blues singer and guitar player Huddie Ledbetter. The album was released in 1999 and made a big impression in the jazz scene. This, in turn, lead to Lils' first Edison Jazz Award.

Published on multi-channel SACD in 2002, Lils' first live endeavor was a recording session at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, in front of a live audience. The album, named 'In the wee small hours of the morning' was well received by both critics and audiophiles.

That same year the Beets Brothers released the first ever Dutch jazz DVD, featuring Lils and Hans Dulfer. A close collaboration with saxophone player Wouter Kiers, lead to the release of the concept album 'Comes love' in 2005. All of the songs deal with different aspects of love and relationships. After a period of extensive touring in Europe, Lils released the album 'About crazy'. This 2008 album is an intimate portrait of an artist who has seen significant ups and downs in her personal life. Lils also used the classic Hammond organ to create a distinctive moody and melancholic sound. The album coincidentally marked the start of her long term collaboration with the Dutch saxophone player Clous van Mechelen.

The release of the 2010 album 'A fine romance' is an audiophile's delight. This was actually a remastering of Lils' debut album. In this version, extra care was taken in finding the right balance between voice and band, and achieving the highest possible sound quality. The album is a classic demo disc for the demonstration of high end audio systems.

Lils Mackintosh is an award winning jazz- and blues singer and is considered one of the most distinguished artists in the Dutch jazz scene. Lils has worked with the likes of Oscar Peterson, B.B. King, Scott Hamilton, Rita Reys, het Rosenberg Trio, Cor Bakker, Madeline Bell, Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer, Louis van Dijk, The Beets Brothers, Georgie Fame and the Dutch Swing College Band.

Lils has also worked on different projects as an actress and voice-over performer. She has done numerous commercials, some of which have become quite famous in the Netherlands.

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