Photo: Erik van Roekel

Lils wowed everyone with her upbeat bluesy jazz styling

and gigantic vocal tones. (...)

Lils is just that kind of performer, upbeat, outgoing and lots of fun.

Lee Prosser -, july 2000

Lils has worked with the likes of Oscar Peterson, B.B. King, Rita Reys, The Rosenberg Trio, Scott Hamilton, Cor Bakker, Madeline Bell, Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer, Louis van Dijk, The Beets Brothers, Cees Slinger, Berend van der Berg and Georgie Fame.

Photo: Lils with the Rosenberg Trio

Lils can be booked with different bands and guest artists:

  • with piano
  • with piano and bass
  • with piano, bass and sax
  • with guitar and bass
  • with Hammond organ, drums and sax
  • with piano, double bas, drums, sax